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Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce will educate, lead, and influence businesses on creating diverse and inclusive workforce cultures to enhance their competitive advantage. The Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce respects the evolving diversity of our county and embrace this strength, understanding that diversity fosters innovation and creativity in our businesses thereby increasing performance. Only by learning and engaging with people and organizations that support this spectrum of diversity can we together make the Chamber, its members, and community stronger.


When our leadership reflects diversity and inclusion, we create a welcoming environment where we are viewed as an open and accepting organization.  Consideration is given when populating all levels of leadership and staff within the Fort Bend Chamber.  This includes Chamber Partners, Board of Directors, Division Chairs and Officers.

We have created a Diversity Action Team to assist in building relationships throughout our community.  This is being done through introductions of individuals to events, meetings to discuss opportunities and referrals.  DAT members serve six month term.  We define success based on the number of new relationships we have made.

Our approach to diversity and inclusion aligns with our mission as the advocate for business excellence in Fort Bend County.   Embracing diversity in thought, background and opinion fosters innovation and competition and has been shown to increase business performance and employee satisfaction over time.  We encourage all our members to establish diversity and inclusion systems and practices.

We are reaching out to other organizations to find common ground in our mission and objectives.


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