Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce (FBCC) is committed to educating, leading, and influencing our organizations in creating inclusive workforce cultures that enhance their competitive advantage. The FBCC understands the unique differences we represent within our community fosters innovation and creativity in our organizations, thereby increasing performance. We do this by learning, engaging, and promoting a sense of belonging to strengthen the Chamber, our members, and the community.


Chamber leadership reflects diversity and inclusion; and promotes a welcoming environment.  We are an open and accepting organization, and our members and community know it.  Thoughtful consideration is given when hiring, nominating, or selecting all levels of leadership and staff within the Fort Bend Chamber including our Chamber Partners, Board of Directors, Division Chairs and officers.

The Fort Bend Chamber created a commUNITY Initiative; members who commit to serving six-month terms to assist in building new and nurturing existing relationships throughout our community.  This is accomplished through the introductions of individuals to events and meetings to discuss ideas, opportunities, and referrals.  Our success is defined by the number of new and meaningful relationships we create and grow.

Our approach to diversity and inclusion aligns with our mission as the advocate for excellence in Fort Bend County and beyond.   Many studies conclude that embracing and championing diversity fosters innovation and competition and increases business performance and employee satisfaction. We also encourage and assist our members in establishing diversity and inclusion goals, systems, and practices through our events, programs, and more.

Our chamber regularly reaches out to other organizations to collaborate, and find common ground and support in our mission and objectives.

For more information regarding the commUNITY Initiative, contact:
Jamie Loasby at [email protected] or 281-566-2163.


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