The Infrastructure Planning Division will educate and advocate for transportation, infrastructure and development programs throughout the region that promote opportunities for investment that encourage an improved quality of life in our region. Acknowledging that sound infrastructure is a prerequisite for cities and communities to thrive, this division will work to facilitate partnerships and collaboration between business, local entities, municipalities, the county and state and federal agencies to advance important infrastructure projects.


  • Promote infrastructure/transportation as an economic tool to the business community.
  • Support the efforts of various elected officials, the Chamber’s Board of Directors and the regional metropolitan planning organization’s efforts by implementing effective transportation/infrastructure initiatives.
  • Advocate a pro-active legislative agenda that maintains the region’s goals of increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness and self-sufficiency.
  • Promote and execute the annual Fort Bend Regional Infrastructure Conference as a signature event.



  • Support replenishing the Infrastructure/Flood Fund to support expansion of vital infrastructure projects at the level of or greater than $700 million (as funded in the past).
  • Support policy and funding for expanded broadband and 5G wireless deployment that induces and/or increases high speed data connectivity to the home in urban, suburban, and rural communities.
  • Support developing resiliency for the power grid to avoid power shortages and outages.
  • Support leveraging state funding with federal transportation dollars to support projects in Fort Bend County that enhance safety, support freight corridors, and serve as evacuation routes for natural disasters (Highway 36A extension, Grand Parkway completion, Fort Bend Toll Road bridge across the Brazos).
  • Support local allocation and the ability for local entities to compete for federal grants in leu of state allocations and state pass thru for Water, and Storm Water Funds.
  • Support allocating a portion of TWDB funding for local planning grants and studies.
  • Support the development and implementation of a user fee for vehicles using alternative fuels.

For more information regarding the Infrastructure Planning Division,

please contact: Paige Hitchcock at 281-566-2152 or [email protected].

Frederick, Trisha
Trisha Frederick, P.E.
Infrastructure Planning Division Chair

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