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The concept for the Fort Bend Leadership Forum grew out of a real and increasing need for volunteer leadership in Fort Bend County. Solutions to community needs demand the involvement of informed citizens. The Fort Bend Leadership Forum offers creative learning opportunities in an atmosphere that stimulates creative thinking and encourages participants to work together.

The Chamber will continue the Leadership Forum's tradition of increasing the participant's knowledge of Fort Bend County, while establishing valuable community relationships and resources. The Leadership Forum also develops leadership skills that enhance participants' values personally, professionally and as a community stakeholder.

For more information regarding the program, please contact

Matthew Ferraro at matthew@fortbendcc.org or 281-491-0277.

2019/2020 Sessions Schedule

Division Chairs

Jan-Michael Jenkins
Jan-Michael Jenkins
Class of 2019
Title Sponsor

Nona Austin-King, Class of 2013

The Himalaya Drug Company

At the time when I applied to the Fort Bend Leadership program, I had been living in the Houston area for 6-1/2 years. My life was about being a mother to my 2 young kids, being a wife, and working full-time. In fact, I really didn't feel like Houston was 'home', because I had not really established relationships outside of work associates and family. By entering the program, I hoped to identify opportunities to serve the community that aligned with my passions and could develop me personally. I quickly realized that my participation in Leadership not only exposed me to opportunities to serve the community, but also gave me a sense of belongingness and sense of pride because I've built meaningful relationships in the process. Because of my Leadership experience, my roots are now firmly planted in Fort Bend. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to grow personally and professionally.

Hillary Goldstein, Class of 2012

President - First Colony Community Association

Imagine a situation that you have no idea what to expect and you find that the program exceeded anything you could imagine. You learn that you have the ability to trust people and accomplish things with skills you may never have thought of in your wildest dreams!

You will be amazed at the intense emotions you will have. Not only in the education sessions and trips, but in the friendship and networking that occur during the 10 month commitment, which by the way goes by in the blink of an eye.

I could go on but I don't want to give away the experiences. You need to take this class to know and understand how beneficial it is to you personally, professionally, and most of all how you can be a better leader in your community.

I guarantee that you will be touched on many levels and in oh so many ways. You will create bonds for life. Take the class, then you will truly understand the feelings that I have. It's wonderful!

Christopher Morales, Class of 2012

The Morales Law Firm, PLLC

Through the Leadership Forum, I had the opportunity to gain a unique insight into Fort Bend County and meet some amazing people along the way. I have built both personal and professional relationships through the program that I believe will last for years. I highly recommend the program to anyone who is new to Fort Bend County or a life-long resident, like myself. If you want to do more than just network, the Leadership Forum is the best choice in Fort Bend County. It is amazing what this program can do for you and your business.

Naushad Kermally, Class of 2011

Prime Communications, LP

Entering into the Class of 2011 Leadership Forum, I knew that I was going to be learning many different aspects of our great county, however I did not know fully what to expect. Learning was made “fun” during the fantastic ten months. The trips to DC, Austin, San Antonio and Galveston exposed me to learning which I never thought I would get. The relationships the Chamber has formed with different Government, Civil and Business institutions allowed a behind the scenes learning experience fit for ROYALTY. There was never a dull moment during the ten months and I have made friends for life. I would like to extend my warm and sincere appreciation to Trey Reichert and Ray Aguilar for their leadership and mentorship throughout the ten months! If I can do it again, I would say sign me up!!

Zeenat K. Mitha, Class of 2010

Mitha Law Firm, P.C.

The FBCC Leadership Forum is one of the most outstanding programs in learning about our county and nation! I have come to understand why Fort Bend is so dynamic, and the level of diversity, intelligence, and overall balance it is offering its residents and employees! I will cherish the friends and fun The Leadership Forum provided!

Himesh M. Gandhi, Class of 2007

Attorney, Hrbacek & Associates, PC

The Fort Bend Chamber’s Leadership Forum allowed me to gain valuable insight into many different aspects of Fort Bend County. The relationships, networking opportunities and leadership skills I gained from the program were priceless and I highly recommend the program to anyone looking to enhance their careers.

Grant Crowell, Class of 2010

Owner, The Urban Foresters

The Fort Bend Leadership Forum has established itself in my mind as a high quality magnet for talented people of integrity. In my business, and I believe in any business, when you can market yourself to people with strong character, it doesn’t matter if they are direct consumers of your product. Eventually that relationship pays off through referral; Not just in a one-sided way, but truly both parties are served well by the relationship. In short, when you work for your friend’s interests, “salesmanship” evolves into “servantship.” This is how business should be done.

The forum gave our class the environment needed to organically grow solid foundations that will lead to true service oriented partnerships. In a business environment like most of us operate in today, which is fast paced and often “faceless,” the forum breaks that paradigm by getting business leaders out from behind their desks and computer screens to establish true friendships with their fellow classmates. These friendships lead to opportunities that would not have hatched if we simply put an advertisement in the paper or passed out a business card at a meeting. I feel like at the Fort Bend Leadership Forum, I have begun some friendships that will last a lifetime.