The concept for the Fort Bend Leadership Forum grew out of a real and increasing need for volunteer leadership in Fort Bend County. Solutions to community needs demand the involvement of informed citizens. The Fort Bend Leadership Forum offers creative learning opportunities in an atmosphere that stimulates creative thinking and encourages participants to work together.

The Chamber will continue the Leadership Forum's tradition of increasing the participant's knowledge of Fort Bend County, while establishing valuable community relationships and resources. The Leadership Forum also develops leadership skills that enhance participants' values personally, professionally and as a community stakeholder.

For more information regarding the program, please contact Rebekah Beltran at [email protected] or 281-566-2158.


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Campbell, Breah
Breah Campbell

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Title Sponsor
mike dotson

Mike Dotson, Class of 2018


The Leadership Forum’s structure and diverse composition have and continue to create opportunities both for AccessHealth and for our employee participants. The intersection of education, networking, volunteerism and leadership pays dividends dually in operations and in external partnerships & collaborations. Our organization’s involvement in the Leadership Forum has been instrumental in creating awareness about all that we do here at AccessHealth. The experience is thought provoking and provides opportunity to collaborate with multiple industries and professionals.

nona austin.king

Nona Austin-King, Class of 2013

Career Catalyst Group

I was working at Coca-Cola and my career was stagnated. I wasn’t up for a promotion, I didn’t know what other roles might interest me, and I didn’t enjoy what I was doing. I enrolled in the Fort Bend Leadership Forum Class of 2013. There were about 50 people in the class, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to meet new people outside of the organization. We would travel on a bus each month to different facilities in our county, so I made a point to sit with someone new every time I got on that bus, to build those one-on-one connections. I not only got a chance to build authentic relationships with each person in my class, but the connections also helped with my professional growth as well. As an example, one of the people associated with the program connected me with the lead HR person for an open role that I was interested in. Within a couple of months, I started a new role as VP of Marketing at a new organization. This all started because I was intentional about getting to know people beyond any social, political, cultural, or religious affiliations.”

neal, jay

Dr. Jay Neal, Class of 2019

University of Houston

Serving as Co-Chair of The Fort Bend Leadership Forum is an honor like no other. The program's commitment to relationship based, values-driven leadership sets it apart. Participants quickly evolve into informed, involved and influential stakeholders, fostering a network of purpose-driven leaders dedicated to positive change and serving their community. The Fort Bend Leadership Forum goes beyond traditional leadership development, creating enduring impacts and friendships, both personally and professionally.


Malisha Patel, Class of 2016

Memorial Hermann Sugar Land & Southwest Hospitals

The Fort Bend Leadership Forum program develops leadership skills and offers a valuable understanding of the inner workings of the city and county. Its programs and activities give participants an opportunity to grow – personally, professionally and as community stakeholders. I had the chance to interact and network within my cohort and with organizations throughout the county, which has resulted in long-lasting relationships and invaluable connections.