The Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Pryor Learning Solutions to offer it’s membership access to over 5,000 webinars and seminars from management, meetings, supervision, safety, human resources, information technology, Microsoft office, and much more.

A recent survey found that 40% of employees cite lack of training and personal development as the principal reason for leaving their positions within the first year. An investment in your employees is an investment in your organization and a reminder that they are valued and that your organization is interested in their personal and professional growth. The Fred Pryor program allows your employees to select and tailor a wide variety of training topics to their own needs and offers a way to maximize your training budget.

Unlimited online training $125 | Unlimited online and live seminars $250 | Contact Stacy Bynes at [email protected] or 281-566-5166 for additional information.


“Training and developing your employees is critical to the future success of your organization. Your employees are your biggest asset! Taking advantage of Fred Pryor Learning Solutions offered exclusively to members through the Fort Bend Chamber can provide your employees with essential skills while bringing with it invaluable business benefits. Investing in the development of your employees can reduce attrition rates, increase their efficiency and productivity, and assist yo u in building your organization’s reputation giving you and edge in the marketplace.” – Malisha Patel, Senior Vice President and CEO of Memorail Hermann Sugar Land and Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospitals.

“After my promotion to a management role I was drawn to Fred Pryor because of the wide range of topics related to management from leadership to motivation to managing different personalities. After my first live seminar, I became a Pryor Plus member, which gave me unlimited access to all live seminars and online training that Fred Pryor had to offer. The trainings I have viewed and attended were engaging and I have enjoyed hearing personal testimonies of how other managers have been able to successfully develop and motivate their teams, coach their high performers, and resolve difficult and uncomfortable situations. I highly recommend Fred Pryor to anyone who wants to leverage opportunities for professional development; especially for smaller organization where in-house training may not be readily available.” – Nona Austin-King, Marketing Director of the Himalaya Drug Company

“Fred Pryor Seminars offers an unlimited number of online and on-site courses for a very affordable price. It allows small to medium size businesses, like mine, the ability to provide essential and invaluable courses to their employees, that are very rewarding and can be applied in the workplace immediately. The Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce has been able to partner with Fred Pryor Seminars to offer this great deal for it’s members. Don’t wait, take advantage of this opportunity today!” – Sterling Carter, President of Sterling Physical Therapy and Wellness.